Agricola Lodge 1991

The Agricola Lodge No 1991 is one of the oldest Lodges in York, being consecrated on 12th April 1883. It was originally a Military Lodge and as such it is fitting that it was named after one of the most illustrious of the Roman Generals, Agricola.

For nearly a hundred years our home has been at the Grade1 listed building of Castlegate House close to the historic centre of York.

Our regular Lodge meetings take place on the fourth Monday of every month, bank holidays excepted, while another two meetings are held for “instruction” on the first and third Tuesdays.

Freemasonry is founded on the three principles of; Brotherly love; Relief and Truth, and is open to, just, upright and free men of mature age, sound judgement and strict morals, if this sounds like you and you think you may be interested, why not get in touch with our secretary.